The original DOOM is 30 years old now. That means it has been a little over thirty years since Nintendo turned down Id's offer to port their games to the PC and began a chain reaction that would result in Carmack, Romero, and co. creating the FPS genre. Thanks, Nintendo!

I should also thank John Romero since the co-creator and level designer of the original DOOM has just released SIGIL II, an all-new unofficial DOOM campaign completely free of charge. I still haven't had the time to experience the sequel, but, if it is anything like the original SIGIL, chances are that any DOOM fan will enjoy it quite a bit. It's a treat to all fans of the original game, but it also adds a lot of new flavor that even newer players are bound to enjoy.

Image by John Romero

SIGIL II, unofficial DOOM 2 episode, is available now

SIGIL II acts as a new episode in a series, meaning that it features actual story beats. It also features nine new levels, eight new multiplayer arenas, a new OST composed by James Paddock, and new art.

On top of this new release, Romero will also be hosting a live Twitch event today, where he will be joining DOOM's other John co-creator, John Carmack, to discuss the original game.

It's great to see that DOOM has survived for so long, and not just because of the latest games in the series. The older games are very much alive as well. Just this year, we also saw the release of one of the greatest mods of all time. I'm of course talking about Myhouse.WAD for DOOM II, which I'm just gonna recommend you try getting into fully blind.

If you own the original DOOM, you can now download SIGIL and SIGIL II for free, or buy their incredibly rad old-school big box versions here.

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