Forget The Walking Dead; now it's The Playing Dead, as The Walking Dead: Betrayal is being pulled from Steam and offering a refund.

The game's being pulled after Skybound Games and Other Ocean Interactive were "not able to find a path to build the spirited community of backstabbers we originally envisioned," the developers said in a blog shared to the game's Steam page.

The game, which has been available in Early Access since September, never received a full release. It's the second stumble for the otherwise popular Walking Dead franchise this year. The Walking Dead: Destinies, which was released earlier in December, was the subject of minor controversy surrounding its graphics.

What was The Walking Dead: Betrayal?

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2023, The Walking Dead Betrayal was a social deduction game that blended elements of The Walking Dead and Among Us.

Players would work together in teams of Survivors to escape hordes of walkers. However, the social element came into play via "Traitors," Survivors whose goal is to sabotage the team for their own success.

As of the announcement of its closure, the game sits at a "mixed" rating on Steam, across a meager 111 reviews. Many reviews regard the game as fine, though several lament the waning player base. Others draw attention to the similarities to Other Ocean's previous game, Project Winter, which had a similar gameplay loop.

How to get a refund for The Walking Dead: Betrayal

For players who purchased the game through Steam, getting a refund for The Walking Dead: Betrayal is as simple as requesting one through Steam.

Users who purchased the game through a retailer will need to contact that retailer. More information is available on the game's store page.

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