Santa Clauses are coming to Final Fantasy XIV in droves!

Snow is falling around the globe, Christmas trees are adorned with decorations and Menorahs are being lit for Hanukkah, but for those of us whose hearts dwell within the realms of Eorzea, it really is about to be the most wonderful time of the year - Starlight Celebration.

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This year, for the first time since they gifted us the Choir set in 2018, Starlight Celebration will be providing players with a full set of glamour items. Not just any glamour items, either! The team over at Square Enix is making magic happen - Santa Claus really is coming to town with the help of the Unorthodox Saint's set. There's certainly not going to be a shortage of Santa's scattered throughout Eorzea and beyond this coming festive season.

What is the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration?

Starlight Celebration is an annual seasonal event to commemorate the holiday season in Final Fantasy XIV. Quests of past Starlight Celebrations have seen players searching throughout Gridania for NPCs to interact with in an attempt to further a seasonal quest. It's unlikely that this year's experience will differ. Whichever tasks we must perform in order to attain this most magical of outfits, the story is likely to be heartwarming and humorous, as it always is during time limited events.

As always, players can also get their hands on a housing item. This year, it?s a cute little Illuminated Chocobo Topiary, which pairs perfectly with the Illuminated Tree that was up for grabs during Starlight Celebration 2022.

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Over the last ten years, we've been rewarded with other festive clothing sets, such as the Starlight set back in 2014, the Reindeer set in 2015, and the Starlight Robe in 2016.

We've also amassed a few minions and mounts, which, while cute, are less coveted than those all-too-precious glamour pieces. From the Starlight Steed in 2022 to everyone's favorite bouncing snowman in 2020, we've not been left wanting for things to ride around Eorzea. In terms of minions, we've gathered up a small menagerie, including the Squirrel Emperor, Wind-up Rudy, and Hoary the Snowman way back in 2014.

When is the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration event?

To begin the side quest for this year's Starlight Celebration, players must venture to Mih Khetto's Ampitheatre in Old Gridania and seek the mysterious, albeit jolly, Bearded Lady who will provide further instructions.

Players will also be given the opportunity to buy items from previous years' Starlight Celebration events, though it has not yet been confirmed which items will be up for grabs.

The event begins on December 14 at 8 am GMT (3 am EST) and will run until December 31 at 3 pm GMT (10 am EST).

To find out more and check out the full official art for the event, check out the special Starlight Celebration page on the Lodestone.

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