GRYPHLINE has revealed that the next chapter in the Arknights series will soon make its console debut. A PlayStation 5 version of Arknights: Endfield has been announced, alongside an upcoming technical test for the PC version of the game.

Arknights: Endfield is an RPG that aims to deliver a blend Arknight's signature strategy with real-time combat. In a new trailer shown during The Game Awards, we can see the combat system in action alongside our first glance at the game's boss battles. As of writing, GRYPHLINE has not announced a date for the PS5, PC, or mobile versions of the game. However, players can sign up now for the PC technical test that will begin on January 11.

The PC technical test will have an English user interface and both Mandarin and Japanese voiceover options. The test puts you in the role of the Endministrator of Endfield Industries, who is rumored to show up whenever a crisis hits the company or the wider world of Talos-II. You'll get a chance to explore that world while leading a crew of nine playable characters, exploring the Endfield Industries tech tree, and dipping your toes in the battle system.

The factory system ? which lets you place factory buildings strategically and gain an edge in battle with items manufactured through your automated production line ? will also be in play during the test period. Through this system you'll be able to directly impact Talos-II by modifying the terrain and surrounding environments.

Sign-ups will be live until December 23 at 7:59 p.m. PT.

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