After winning big last night at The Game Awards and bagging trophies in three major categories, Remedy Entertainment has just announced "The Final Draft" for Alan Wake 2; a major update that not only introduces the New Game Plus mode we've been waiting on, but also unlocks an additional ending to the main story.

With all the intricate plot threads and surrealist narrative developments in Alan Wake 2, a few more playthroughs are definitely in order to wrap your head around Sam Lake's acclaimed sequel. And why start from scratch when you can retain all your equipment and instead contend with more challenging mobs?

The studio is teasing numerous "subtle additions" in the New Game Plus experience, including a Nightmare Difficulty setting and even new manuscript pages and videos. There are also bug fixes and performance optimizations, which might help the demanding game run more smoothly on older PC hardware. The Final Draft is scheduled to go live on December 11.

via Remedy Entertainment

How to unlock the New Game Plus mode in Alan Wake 2

It goes without saying that a completed playthrough of the game is required to unlock the New Game Plus, but it looks like the new additions in The Final Draft will also require you to finish the game at least once.

You retain all your Charms and character upgrades, but the weapons will be found in the character's first available shoebox, as opposed to their inventory.

It's unclear if the new ending can be unlocked during your first playthrough, though with two more expansion packs (Night Springs and The Lake House) coming our way in 2024 and beyond, this probably won't serve as the definitive conclusion to the stories of our main protagonists.

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