Genshin Impact Version 4.3 is just around the corner, and its special program tells us everything we need to know. In case you missed it, here?s a summary of everything new coming to Version 4.3: Roses and Muskets!

4.3 Livestream Primogem Codes


Each code grants 100 Primogems and a few other materials. They expire less than a day from when the Special Program premieres, so redeem them now!

4.3 New Characters: Navia and Chevreuse

Navia is a 5-star Geo Claymore character. She appears to be a DPS who takes advantage of Crystallize reactions to increase her damage. Her Skill fires Geo projectiles in an area in front of her, and it appears you can aim it to some degree. The damage depends on the number of Crystallize shards she picks up and how many projectiles hit her enemy. Using her Skill also infuses her Normal Attacks with Geo for a few seconds. Navia?s Burst summons several cannons that create a shower of Geo DMG in an AoE around her.

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Chevreuse is a 4-star Pyro Polearm character. Chevreuse looks to be a healer support specializing in Overload teams. Her Skill fires a shot of Pyro damage. After firing her shot, Chevreuse will continuously heal the active character. Her Burst deals one instance of Pyro damage and summons several secondary explosive shells that detonate after a very short delay. If a party member triggers Overload, and her party members consist of only Pyro and Electro teammates, the enemy will have 40% reduced Pyro and Electro RES. This allows Chevreuse to replace a 4pc Viridescent Venerer holder in Overload teams, though she won?t be able to make up for the lack of crowd control.

Chiori made an appearance in a surprise cameo. We don?t know her element or weapon yet, but we do know that she?s from Inazuma and owns a fashion boutique in Fontaine. She designed Navia?s outfit for her, so she clearly knows her way around Fontanian fashion. We didn?t get to see her Vision, but her clothes are primarily yellow, red, and brown, so she might be Pyro or Geo. Chiori won?t be playable in Version 4.3, but she will have a presence in the Version events.

4.3 Banners

The first half of 4.3 will feature the 5-stars Navia and Ayaka. They will likely be accompanied by their signature weapons: Verdict for Navia and Mistsplitter Reforged for Ayaka. Verdict is a new 5-star Claymore that looks like an axe.

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The second half will feature Raiden and Yoimiya, as well as 4-star Chevreuse. Raiden?s signature Polearm is Engulfing Lightning, and Yoimiya?s signature Bow is Thundering Pulse. While these weapon reruns aren?t confirmed, I would consider them very likely.

4.3 Events

The flagship event for Version 4.3 is called Roses and Muskets and will involve a series of minigames. These minigames are quite a mixed bag, ranging from a sniper sim, combat trials, herding balloons, and a shoot-your-own-film minigame. Event rewards will include an event-exclusive 4-star Claymore called Ultimate Overlord?s Mega Magic Sword. With a name like that, it must really be something special.

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Itto?s beetle-fighting game returns in Arataki Blazing Armor Beetle Battle Boot Camp. Pit your Onikabuto beetle against ever-stronger opponents and see who comes out on top.

Lost Riches is coming to Fontaine with yet another treasure-seeking seelie. Visit various sites around Fontaine and follow the seelie to find treasure! As an added twist, this new seelie can swim underwater with you and is joining the roster of mini-seelie pets you can adopt as part of the event.

Dance of Resolute Will is a combat event. Battle through five stages with various teams. Each stage will confer different buffs that encourage different types of teams. Defeat as many opponents as you can before the time limit for the highest possible score!

Liben will also return for Marvelous Merchandise. Talk to Liben once a day to trade some junk for Primogems and special prizes! We?ll see what lore crumbs he gives us this time.

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All the major miscellaneous/quality of life additions fromGenshin Impact 4.3

Two new artifact sets are being introduced in Version 4.3: Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods and Song of Days Past. We have yet to see details on set bonuses, so we?ll have to wait for more news to see how they will work.

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Here are some other key takeaways from 4.3:

  • Several new character and monster cards are being added to Genius Invokation TCG. These include Lyney, Lynette, Thunder Manifestation, Signora, Azhdaha, Dvalin, Layla, Yelan, and Alhaitham.

  • Artifact optimizations are being added, like the ability to see artifact recommendations for characters. You?ll also be able to automatically lock artifacts with certain stats as soon as you obtain them. Additionally, artifact filters in the inventory will be optimized, allowing for more precise filters. The process of leveling up artifacts will also be streamlined, speeding up the process and reducing the number of times you need to click.

  • Character and weapon leveling are also receiving the same level of polish. The new systems will allow you to auto-add materials and level up more quickly.

  • Starting in Version 4.3, challenging a domain again after claiming rewards will spawn the player inside the arena instead of at the domain entrance.

  • Certain quests have been optimized, eliminating prerequisites for some Liyue Archon quests.

  • When going on Expeditions, you will be able to claim rewards and re-dispatch characters automatically.

  • Finally, a new underwater Fontaine-themed realm is being added to the Serenitea pot. Now you can fully immerse yourself in your dream Atlantis-core home.

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