Paradox Interactive announced today that the company will publish Foundry, a factory-building sandbox simulation game by Channel 3 Entertainment. In Foundry, players are tasked with using their imagination to build an efficient factory in a procedurally-generated sandbox. Prior to the announcement, Foundry had climbed to the top of as a top-selling game. The game can be compared to similar factory-building titles like Satisfactory and Factorio. Players start at the bottom of the technological totem pole, having to manually mine and process resources. Eventually, you unlock the ability to craft new machinery, develop technologies, and automate your entire production line.

A new demo for Steam Next Fest

Paradox also revealed a new demo will be available for Foundry during next week's Steam Next Fest which takes place from October 9 to October 16. Players can jump in solo or with friends to build efficient production lines and self-sustaining factories.

"The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from the Foundry Alpha on was encouraging and highlighted the game's immense potential. To fully realize this potential, it was essential to collaborate with the perfect partner. Being published by Paradox Interactive allows us to fulfill the vision and ambitions we have for Foundry.
- Patrik Meder, Vice-president at Channel 3 Entertainment

I'm a huge fan of Satisfactory and Factorio, so I'll definitely be checking this one out. Based on the above announcement trailer, it seems like a fine-crafted hybrid of the two. Of course, being first-person and 3D makes you initially think Satisfactory. But the intricate production lines remind me more of Factorio. I'm also curious to see what sort of features can utilize the voxel-style world, which is a first for the genre.

No release time frame was given for Foundry, but once again the new demo will be available for one week starting October 9. Those interested in playing can download the demo via the Foundry Steam Page once Steam Next Fest begins.

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