Valve's seminal Steam Deck handheld is about to get its biggest operating system update yet with SteamOS 3.5. The next big step for the Steam Deck includes a comprehensive array of long-awaited features, not the least of which is the ability to improve the handheld's display image output massively. As it's no secret that the Deck's screen is arguably its worst feature, the community has been waiting for Valve to integrate an official color vibrancy slider from day one. SteamOS 3.5 introduces the feature at long last.

Though SteamOS 3.5 has been in development for months now, Valve has only just pushed the update to the official preview channel. This means virtually everyone can access the update now, with the obvious caveat being that it's not fully polished just yet. Further, as it's not necessarily recommended that everyone jumps at the opportunity to give the pre-release build a shot, Valve's preview of 3.5's novelties is very welcome indeed.

Image via Valve

What's coming in SteamOS 3.5?

The full array of all-new features and changes coming in SteamOS 3.5 is comprehensive indeed, but some of the most notable highlights include:

  • The ability to adjust the display's image output (vibrancy, temperature, etc.)

  • HDR support for external displays

  • VRR support for external displays

  • New 'Stretch' and 'Zoom' image scaling options

  • Reduced latency and stutter in select situations

  • Resolved select SMT processor issues

  • Auto-mounting for external storage devices

  • Updated graphics drivers - includes Starfield performance improvements and launch failures for Immortals of Aveum, among other things

  • Firmware updated to version 116

  • Arch Linux base updated

In other words, users will no longer need to resort to third-party plugins to alter the quality of the Deck's display, but various performance and stability improvements are on the table as well. SteamOS 3.5 should, therefore, add a wealth of value to the Deck. The only problem, really, is that there's no official release date for the OS update just yet, so those who aren't keen on testing unreleased software will need to wait a tad longer before all these improvements are fully out and about.

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