While Destiny 2's Season 22 has some key wins, a change is coming with the start of Season 23. A balance must be maintained that makes all elements of the game enjoyable for everyone. However, Legendary Shards have consistently presented a challenge in achieving this balance. The vast discrepancy in acquiring these shards has led to inequality among players. The result is an in-game economy where Legendary Shards don't feel significant to some or attainable for others, regardless of their play habits. This, coupled with the constant exploitation of loopholes in the Shard acquisition process, has propelled the developers to take a decisive step toward simplifying the game's economy.

The aim is to eradicate the current clutter of currencies, consumables, and items. This will create a more streamlined experience that duly recognizes and rewards the time and effort invested by players across various activities. To that end, Bungie is removing Legendary Shards from the game. But you won't hear me complaining. In fact, I say good riddance. Bye-bye, Legendary Shards, I won't miss you -- and neither should other players.

While some players may worry about what will happen post-Legendary Shards, others may feel frustration from the dissolution of a long-accumulated currency. Nevertheless, phasing out Legendary Shards will serve the greater Destiny 2 community. The only change to gameplay comes via removing an artificial hindrance.

Season 23 is the beginning of the end for Legendary Shards

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The journey towards a Legendary Shard-free Destiny 2 begins in Season 23. In a move that promises to aid new and returning players in unlocking weapons with greater ease, the initial phase involves the elimination of Legendary Shard costs from the Monument to Lost Lights, leaving the costs of Glimmer, Exotic Ciphers, and Spoils of Conquest unaffected.

Furthermore, Season 23 will see Legendary Shards retire from ritual gear focusing, altering the cost structure of various items in the game. Here's what Bungie has shared about the new cost framework:

  • New Ritual Weapons: 1 Engram, 0 Glimmer

  • Standard Ritual Pool Weapons/Armor: 3 Engrams, 5000 Glimmer

  • Legacy Weapons/Armor: 5 Engrams, 15,000 Glimmer

  • Iron Banner/Nightfall Weapons: 5 Engrams, 25,000 Glimmer

  • Adept Nightfall Weapons: 1 Engram, 50,000 Glimmer, 10 Nightfall Ciphers

  • Trials Weapons: 5 Engrams, 25,000 Glimmer

  • Adept Trials Weapons: 1 Engram, 50,000 Glimmer, 7-Win Trials Passage

Say goodbye to Legendary Shards alongside The Final Shape

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With the upcoming release of The Final Shape, Destiny 2 will bid farewell to Legendary Shards entirely. They won't be rewarded anymore, and costs associated with the currency will be wholly removed from the game. It's vital to note that there will be no exchange scheme for stored Legendary Shards. So, if players have a large stash, like previous Gunsmith materials, it's worth making daily trips to Master Rahool starting now. The good news is that there will be no increase in Glimmer prices or the introduction of alternative materials for items previously associated with Legendary Shards. In line with this transformation, Guardians' currency bar will undergo a revamp, showcasing only Glimmer, Silver, and Bright Dust.

Following player feedback on these changes, Bungie added that it plans to augment the drop rates of various in-game items, including Glimmer and different engrams. This should enrich the reward system and promote a more flexible reward-earning approach. Furthermore, the costs associated with retrieving ships and Sparrows from collections will be abolished. Guardians will finally be able to modify their style effortlessly. Given that dismantling gear, ships, and Sparrows has been a primary source of acquiring Legendary Shards, Bungie is looking into ways to ensure it remains worthwhile to dismantle. Depending on gear type and rarity, the initially proposed reward system rework offers varying amounts of Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, and Gunsmith rep. That said, Bungie also noted that these values can change before The Final Shape releases.

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Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn hinted that fans can also anticipate alterations to how the mysterious Exotic vendor, X?r, traded in "The Final Shape." Although specific details remain under wraps, removing Legendary Shards, one of the vendor's primary currencies, will introduce new ways to acquire X?r's goods. Guardians can only hope this comes with some updates to what X?r sells.

These sweeping changes might seem like a lot to take in, but they signify a pivotal moment in Destiny 2's economy. It marks a shift towards a more inclusive, balanced, and rewarding experience. There won't be players with more Legendary Shards than they could ever use alongside scores of those who struggle just to get enough to participate in essential game functions.

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