Greatness alone won't immortalize a game in the memory of players. Do you know what it is that players will never forget? That hilarious thing that happened in your playthrough that the game clearly didn't want to happen. Luckily, Starfield is both a great game and one filled with marvelous glitches and bugs. Here's the mandatory compilation of the best ones we've seen so far.

The best possible use for a jetpack

The only cool thing about a jetpack is that it allows you to imagine all the hilarious ways in which the person who puts it on will meet the Grim Reaper. Rocketeers getting stuck on walls has been a staple of slapstick comedy ever since the invention of the jetpack. Even though Starfield absolutely shines when it comes to its physics, it doesn't feature destructible walls capable of "housing" Boba Fett wannabees. Not intentionally, at least.

?I urge the good people at Bethesda to please consider making that a feature.

The cleanest headshot you've ever seen

?Have you ever seen a kill so clean on a video game that you wonder whether it's the result of a glitch or the result of a perk you still haven't found? Well, we here at Destructoid have already gathered extensive intel regarding every build in Starfield, and I assure you that what you see below is not the result of any secret perk.

?We wish it was, though.

The glitch that accidentally achieves perfect comedic timing

?Do you know how in some movies characters often look at an armed explosive, then at the camera to utter some expletive deleted before blowing up for comedic effect? You'll have a harder time achieving that scenario in real life because the person in question would either just scream or run away. It's even harder in most games because their scripting usually renders characters immortal during cutscenes. Cutscenes in RPGS have the same effect as a really slow roll in Dark Souls. Not in Starfield, though, where triggering a cutscene may not even allow NPCs to finish their line in case an explosive happens to go off nearby.


VASCO turning into ED-209 for a second

?Remember the scene in the original Robocop where a supposedly good robot tells an unarmed executive to drop his weapon, then turns him into ketchup? Starfield has already featured a completely unintentional PG-13 remake of that scene.

In the clip below, we see VASCO, our robotic friend, aggressively taunting an NPC that's just having a conversation with the player. When the NPC fails to do whatever it was that the short-circuited brain of VASCO wanted it to do, it knocks out the poor NPC out of nowhere.


Space is no place for Cowboys

?For a game that tries to bring the magic of the Western genre to a Sci-Fi setting, Starfield isn't doing that great of a job promoting the space cowboys' gunslinging abilities.

Or maybe that's just a special kind of Xenogrub that comes equipped with advanced bullet-deflecting tech.

The Martian in Starfield

?Starfield loves to create accidental remakes of Hollywood films. This time I'm talking about this hilarious glitch that made a player clip through a ship, leaving him stranded on a red planet. It's just like Matt Damon on Ridley Scott's The Martian but much better because it's oh-so-much shorter.

The only way to make this video game adaptation even better would be to have it feature breakdancing space pirates.

And those are the best Starfield glitches I've seen so far. Found some that belong here? Then sound off in the comments below! Until then, I'll see you around!

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