Someone is in trouble

Not only was a Persona 3 remake entitled Persona 3 Reload leaked on Atlus' Instagram, but also a strategy title called Persona 5 Tactica.
As the name implies, Persona 5 Tactica takes the cast of the fifth Persona to the world of tactical RPGs. The trailer makes it sound as though the gang has been transported to another world. A world of tactics, I'm guessing.
The title briefly popped up on Atlus' Instagram page, and the trailer for it was quickly seized and disseminated across the vast expanses of the internet. This occurred simultaneously with Persona 3 Reload which we covered in a previous post. There's no jamming this sleeping bag back in its sack.
While Persona 3 Reload has a much more vague release date, Persona 5 Tactica is slated for November 17, 2023. Currently, only Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC have been announced. However, keep in mind that this looks to have been meant for a Microsoft stream, and they don't typically advertise when a game is also going to be on other platforms.
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