The Ender Lilies team's tactics title aims to launch next month

Redemption Reapers, the new tactical RPG from collaborators behind 2021's Ender Lilies, is arriving fairly soon. Developer Adglobe and publisher Binary Haze Interactive announced today that Redemption Reapers will launch on February 22, 2023.
This tactical approach is a fair bit different from the Metroidvania style of Ender Lilies. Redemption Reapers follows a mercenary group called the Ashen Hawk Brigade, fighting as part of humanity's last stand against the evil Mort army. It's a brigade made up of despised warriors who are nonetheless masters of their craft. And as the commander, the player will try to navigate tactical battles and achieve victory, or fail.
Today's gameplay overview goes over just how the Ashen Hawk Brigade will approach battles in different ways in Redemption Reapers. From dual-daggers and archers to all-out warriors, there's a good variety of fighting styles here.
There's some talent at work behind the scenes, too. Ender Lilies producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is the director on Redemption Reapers, and Fire Emblem series veteran Masayuki Horikawa worked on the game balance design.
The voice talent also has some notable VOs on board. Alejandra Reynoso, Jason Spisak, Kyle McCarley, Allegra Clark, David Lodge, and Caleb Yen are all on board for Redemption Reapers.
Fighting for redemption

It's a pretty grimdark style, but I'm really interested in the band of mercenaries Redemption Reapers is bringing together. Making it about relationship building and fighting together through horrors as a bunch of formerly despised warriors is a cool twist. The faint air of Berserk certainly has me intrigued.
There have been plenty of tactics releases over the last year, but I'm down for the resurgence, especially if newcomers bring something fresh to the table. And considering the praise I've heard for Ender Lilies, this collaboration could do that.
Redemption Reapers hits PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on February 22, 2023.
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