truly[/I] the color that its manufacturer claims it is.
Earlier this morning, Nintendo tweeted out images of its brand new "Blue" Nintendo Switch Lite, which will launch on May 25 at a retail price of $199.99. But it seems the internet is less concerned about its price and release date and more focused on whether the new console is - in fact - blue, as many in the gaming community are convinced that the new hardware is clearly purple, with some equating its tone to that of Nintendo's previous little box of wonders, GameCube.
Yes, folks, it's one of those "What color do you see?" deals. Just like "The Dress" back in 2015, people in a bit of a furor over the actual pigment splashed all over Nintendo's new baby. I guess I'm adding to the WaCkiNeSs by writing about it myself. Still, it's been a terrible morning and my head is spaghetti, so you'll all just have to give me this one.
So what color do you see? I don't see "blue" in the common sense of the color, but I definitely see more blue than purple. I guess it's more a sort of Lapis blue... Azure at best. But I still think it veers more on the blue side of the spectrum than the purple side. Then again, if you asked me what color a GameCube is... I'd say purple... What do you think about this, the single most important question facing civilization this hour?
This is what I have become. The Horror.

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