Mega[/I] Man-but-close-enough vibes.
Following in the footsteps of the action-platformer roguelike 20XX, the studio is releasing the sequel,
30XX, on Steam Early Access on February 17, 2021. If you adore Mega Man X and/or Zero, looky here.

30XX has six level themes lined up for the Early Access launch. The game has local and online co-op, a level editor, and if you're not feeling the roguelike heat, there's also a "permadeath-free" Mega Mode.
The first time through went well enough – 20XX landed over 200,000 players and "Early Access was hugely influential in shaping 20XX into something special," according to Batterstaple founder Chris King – so I'm expecting good things again. The new art direction from Glauber Kotaki is such a glow-up.
I briefly played an early build of 30XX last year and most important of all, the platforming felt right.