Demon's Souls[/I] remake is finally out, ushering in the new era of console gaming as the preeminent "next-gen" exclusive (that isn't available on previous generations), we can talk about it! And Bluepoint and Sony themselves are very keen on doing that; promoting the game through a recent article on their favorite boss fights that's worth a read.
For me, my "favorite boss" kind of shifts over time.
Initially, when I first played Demon's Souls sight unseen pre-release, Storm King blew me away. The soundtrack, the arena: all of it took me by surprise as I wasn't expecting that level of grandeur. Once you know the secret it's not super impressive mechanically, but the shock and the audacity at having to take down that Godzilla-esque behemoth was amazing.
Similarly, the Maneater fight was hilarious! I remember the first time playing it and struggling against it, before the surprise came out. Tower Knight is also a classy choice, as it kind of epitomizes the uphill struggle of Demon's Souls very early once you've picked off the relatively easy first demon.
Old King Allant is always good for a reliable tussle and remains one of my favorites. Since I probably have to pick just one, I think I'll go with Old King after playing through the remake.

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