Carrion[/I] has nearly crossed the 200,000 sales barrier. That's certainly a notable number for an indie game with an experimental bent. In his review, Jordan described Carrion as a trim, novel, and enjoyable experience that gets in and out before the sheen wears off.
Right about now, you're likely thinking "200,000 in the first week, mostly from Xbox Game Pass...that's pretty decent." Nope, the 200,000 sales are actual sales. Devolver says there are "hundreds of thousands [more] players on Xbox Game Pass." We're probably looking at close to a half mil creepy blob monsters.
Ah, "creepy blob monster" is an unfair characterization (and only one letter away from the staff here who are creepy blog monsters). In this new behind-the-scenes Carrion video, you'll learn a little more about what makes the antagonist-turned-antihero (-turned-regular-hero depending on your views on humanity) tick. He really likes his no-calorie half-caffeine caramel lattes hotter than the flames that sometimes burn him up.