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Thread: End of an era.

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    End of an era.

    We have decided to shutdown the BF3 server.
    It was a blast gaming with you guys for all these years.
    Maybe one day XN will find another game to host, so until then I wish the best for you all.


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    Thanks for the time and effort mate. Players dont realise how much goes into running a server
    Cheers from down under

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    True, tons of hours and efforts putted on this sv, time, money, attention, work, patience, love, everything mixed, XN was by far the most considerate and faithful server in my brutal, honest and sincerely opinion...
    -||Darkness, melancholy and nostalgic ruins remain near a desolated galaxy||-

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    Forever and ever, amen.

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    Hopefully we find something else.

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    Thanks guys, it was the best server i played so far.
    I found good friends in it. S2

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    Thanks for everything. You're all awesome and I love you.

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    This news is really sad, this server was one of the few that still exists with playable ping to me.
    Thanks for the work of keeping the server alive for all this time.

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