Archosaur Games' (Zulong Entertainment) Noah's Heart, which runs on Unreal Engine 4, is the latest step in that process.
Announced by way of the most recent Tencent Games festival, Noah's Heart allows players to "set out on grand adventures, fight for a better world or live a simple domestic life." Oddly enough there's a Sword Art Online feel to it all, with a virtual realm called "Noah" hosting humankind, built by something called "The Cube."
The studio calls it an "ever-branching story," with a huge emphasis on exploration. So long as that vision is actually realized (and the world itself is captivating enough to warrant that hype), it could be interesting (and likely filled with Tencent microtransactions). You can watch the English trailer below to get a feel for the world: or, the much-lighter-touch-Japanese-voiceover.
It'll arrive sometime in 2021 on "mobile devices."

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