War Remains, a virtual reality experience that put guests in the shoes of a soldier on the western front of World War I. It was only available in museums, during a time where you could put a headset on your face that someone else had just worn and not care about contracting an incurable disease.
But this is 2020, and we need our horrific experiences of human atrocities coming into lethal efficiency thanks to the wonders of the industrial expansion in our homes! For the small price of five dollars, you too can experience what some would call the most brutal war of all time while Dan Carlin narrates your ever-impending doom. Doesn't that sound like a romp?!
The publishers and developers have made it abundantly clear that this isn't a game so much as an experience, so don't go in expecting to pop out of the trenches and pull off no-scopes. After reviewing Attentat 1942 a few years ago, I began to feel that we needed more museum-like experiences at home. While this is basically that, unless you have a VR headset, you're still stuck in no man's land.
War Remains is available now on Oculus, Viveport, and Steam.