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    What in God's name....

    Just wanted to share a little information on the state of the XN server this spring/summer, as the last few weeks have seen some excellent play in the game, and some awful frustration on the admin side.

    As many of you know, the XN server, for some damn reason, has come under attack by a group (or groups) of assholes who are able, through some exploits, to crash or lag-out the server and ruin the game for everyone. It's happening at least once a day, sometimes more than once per day, and it makes great games go down the pooper for all of us. For that, I apologize. Unfortunately, there's really no way to catch them until they have committed their heinous and cowardly acts, but once they do, they are added to a script that will prohibit them from establishing a connection to the server from then on. Of course, they can get around it by buying new Battlefield 3 accounts and firing right back up... I guess it all depends on how much cash they want to spend to fuck up a game being enjoyed by 64 people at a time (unfortunately, I suspect that since these server-crashing incels are getting zero pussy, and probably have no hope of ever even sniffing the holiest of holies, they have nothing else to spend their money on and will probably continue to crash us for a while).

    Well damn, Nelson, what are you doing about it?

    We are monitoring the server daily, recording logs of all activity and trying to identify the suspected terrorists, AND applying the ban-hammer LIBERALLY. Over the last 10 days, we have handed out numerous bans, any of which will be reviewed if the banned player contacts us on Discord, TeamSpeak or the XN Forums to request a second look.

    Which brings me to my second point, and second apology — I'm sorry if some innocent players have been swept up in this (undoubtedly several have), and will work to get you unbanned and back in business if you reach out to us. Here is the link for Discord — Send a message to NewspaperNelson or hop in one of the existing lobbies. Find us on TeamSpeak here:

    Thank you for your patience, noobs.

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    Thank you Nelson for the update.

    I'd like to thank you, Rukus, byCarlsJr, and benis for the tireless work you've all put in to keep this server up and running over the last couple of months. I know benis especially has been spending a lot of time dealing with these assholes and less time playing the game. I know this sucks for him, but I hope he knows how much myself and I'm sure many others appreciate his work.

    There are also a handful of new "junior" admins that have been doing a great job helping to populate the server when the player count is low, as well as keeping all the player's spirits high and even attracting some people who have never played on the server before. I'd like to thank these folks as well.

    Another one of the more positive things I've noticed lately is that the ratio of close games to blowouts has started to even out. I think this has made playing on the server even more enjoyable than it already was.

    To summarize, even though we've had to deal with these "server-crashing incels" lately, I think it's clear that XtremeNoobs 24/7 Metro is here to stay and the XN platoon and all of our regular players aren't going anywhere.

    Lastly, NewspaperNelson recently accused me of cheating...

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    the same thing happened with my gta server, I know how frustrating it is

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