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    A player tried to hack my Origin account Hi to all! Hola a todos!

    In these last days, when I got up in the morning I had some messages from the Origin platform where he told me: You are in offline mode because your account was activated from another PC. Accompanied by this message, the messaging service opens, where it tells me that the XtCell profile has been disconnected.
    I make it clear that at no time do I start a chat on my part or his, so how is it possible that the message service gives me the alert of a started chat? and the income from another pc.
    I also saw that you have another account but with hidden data, that account is called: XtCeL.
    I hope I can be helping you with this information. Greetings to all!
    I clarify my nick in it
    BF3 I'm QuakePhantom.

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    I have suspicion of someone who has been attacking the server.

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    We posted a screenshot of some of his accounts on the home page. Thanks for the help though FosfoVita

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    A long time ago I told you who Benis was but you completely ignored me, well, I had no proof either, but it was too obvious who he was, a pity that things end like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tank_Fury View Post
    A long time ago I told you who Benis was but you completely ignored me
    We already knew who Benis was...

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    well even without testing it was too obvious, he opens his server and your server starts with problems by chance

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    I hope I don't believe the translator has trolled me lol

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    Is now in the server please go now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FosfoVita View Post
    yesterday xtcell was playing, when the server restarted .. coincidence?

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