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    There's no such thing as a "free lunch"

    Here's a guy who has played on the Xtreme Noobs BF3 server for free for SEVEN YEARS, never donated a single penny to help keep the server alive and maintained (around $700 per year), and has the gall to accuse 2Rukus who has largely paid the bill out of his own pocket of being "money hungry" in his Battlelog bio. This is infantile fuckin' bullshit, not something that comes out of a man's mouth.


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    The funny part about his page is I don't even play or run that server anymore.
    Dumbass kids like that don't bother me.
    He'll grow up one day.... I hope


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    I have some rocks, if anyone needs them?
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    What does that even mean? "have rocks"?

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    One thing I learn in my life -there is always prey and predator. So please don't teach the prey otherwise what can predator depend on.

    I really appreciate the time and effort every admin put in. Time is an element you cannot buy.

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    I just got done editing the video of Rukus singing a song for American swine.
    Ruks real name is Travis

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    Nelson's second name is Gabriel
    -||Darkness, melancholy and nostalgic ruins remain near a desolated galaxy||-

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