Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and Pit People for free on PC. "If you need a family activity or want to hang with friends online, we got you."
The studio isn't "fully" giving these games out – they're free to play for a limited time – but the gesture is very much appreciated while we're home-bound, and you can also buy all three on sale if needed.
They each scratch a specific itch. Castle Crashers has cathartic sword-swinging and steady stat progression to keep you going, BattleBlock Theater is all about silly platformer mayhem, and Pit People is a ridiculous tactical romp. You probably own at least one of them, but maybe not the trio.
Straight up, I think Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater are some of the best co-op games around. I hope The Behemoth can continue crafting these fun-for-all-ages experiences for decades to come.