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    Sad member

    I saw a sad XN member today.

    There was one US player hiding at A-area. This playler is not XN. The player didn't share his location for any team mates very long time.

    This attitude made one XN member angry. the XN member was in same US team is not an admin.

    The XN member started to tell his location to enemies , and he started to votekick.

    I really understand the XN member's anger. And also I agree the votekick 30%.

    But, I can't understand and agree with the telling the location, is a spy activity.

    I know the XN member is a good player, but I feel it was a little wrong. At least he is a member of XN.

    I don't say his name here. I hope the member will think about his action again.
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    Thanks sas, we don't like for that to happen either.

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    Sasken, I have also initiated a kick for this player. Perhaps there are certain team conversations that you are not aware of which I believe causes me to take such an approach.

    That hiding player simply does not want to create a squad because he claimed that this will result in exposing his position and get him killed. For an LVL 100 player to say such a thing, this simply pissed me off. I simply failed to understand what he wanted to achieve by hiding alone there.

    But as I know you in the game for a long time, I do understand your opinion.

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