Hades[/I] feels alive in a way that previous Supergiant games have not. Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre were all created and released to the world; Hades, however, continues construction. Instead of creating a world to be released all at once, they’ve been actively developing it along the way via Early Access. Supergiant has been using the inclusion of mechanics, features, and entire characters as building blocks for narrative exposition, and it pays off in a way that a single official release could not. Once the game officially releases in 2020, these moments will be gone because its features will be largely cemented.
Hades remains in Early Access despite its
recent Steam debut, but that doesn’t mean it’s “incomplete.” Far from it. The opportunity for storytelling here is akin to an episodic release structure but without the linearity, and Supergiant is taking full advantage of it.

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