League of Legends[/I] developer for the last five years. The payout, reported to be one of the largest in Californian history for such a case, is part-settlement of a class action gender discrimination lawsuit filed against the company in 2018, following a scathing report made by Kotaku's Cecilia D'Anastasio.

Initially reported by The Los Angeles Times, the $10 million is to be paid out to an estimated 1,000 woman employees, all of whom worked for Riot Games between the period of November 2014 and the final settlement date. Each individual will receive an allocation of the fund decreed by their duration and contract status as a Riot employee.

The news represents a degree of justice for the women of Riot Games, many of whom had previously staged protests against the developer back in May, when Riot attempted to place two of the discrimination cases into Forced Arbitrition - essentially demanding that employees waive all rights to take company grievances to court. But this motion would ultimately only add further fuel to the fire.

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