Monster Hunter World: Iceborne [/I]and Resident Evil 2 have entered an unholy union, and I'm extremely here for it. It's a gift. The limited-time in-game event runs until December 5, 2019 for Master Rank players who are MR20 or higher and can hold their own against an extra-nasty Blackveil Vaal Hazak.
Along with a zombie-themed event quest and a chance to dress up like Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, Iceborne players can also spruce up their rooms with a classic typewriter and item box.
Heck, you can even throw on soothing Resident Evil Save Room music.

First things first, though: that event quest. It's called RE: Return of the Bioweapon. Your initial instinct might be to bulk up on effluvia countermeasures but, as the intro screen warns, there's a twist.
"In this quest, instead of being afflicted with effluvium, you'll become zombified if you're hit by an effluvium-based attack. This also means that effluvium-resistant skills are neglected."
Zombification has pros and cons. In this state, you won't react to damage, your health will auto-recover in areas with effluvium, and you'll be immune to acid pools. That's all well and good. But while you're a zombie, you'll also shamble around, lose the dodge/evade ability, and most items can't be used.
To un-zombify yourself, you'll want to use Green Herbs – not to be confused with the normal green-colored herbs – which have sprung up throughout Rotten Vale. In a nice little extra nod, you can scrounge for Red Herbs and combine them with Green Herbs for a more potent recovery item.
The fight against Blackveil Vaal Hazak is otherwise business as usual. In other words: don't be afraid to leap. I'd advise bringing a Cleanser Booster along to make life easy when he starts getting spammy.

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