MediEvil.[/I] Following on from previous chapters on shield and camera control, this latest video looks at battling ghouls 'n' ghosts in the MediEvil universe.

"Volume 3: Maximizing One's Offense" is not a guide to baiting people on the internet but is, in fact, a look at some of the weaponry made available to our skeletal hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque. These include crowd-clearing swords, bone-crunching clubs and, for those long-distance encounters, a range of bows and crossbows.

Of course, if you really find yourself in a pinch, you could always pull off one of your own appendages and use it as a baton. After all, what 'arm could it do? WHAT "'ARM", BECAUSE IT'S HIS ARM HE'S USING AS A WEAPON. That's the play on words y'see?

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