World of Warcraft Classic[/I] is still trucking, and will for some time now.
The game is basically on auto-pilot, with a dedicated massive fanbase behind it, but updates are still coming until that fateful day when Naxxramas arrives and Vanilla's journey is over. What then? A new Burning Crusade server? A combined one that overtakes Vanilla? I guess we'll see in a few years. For now, there's the new Dire Maul update, which adds the 54-60 dungeon into the mix.
Remember attunements? The thing that Blizzard got rid of eventually? Well you need to key yourself to this instance to go beyond the east wing:
Blizzard has the rundown here on how to do that.
In fact they have a rundown of nearly everything Dire Maul related in general, including epic mount/weapon quests and class quests in general, so check it out if you want things spoiled, or already did it over a decade ago and just need a refresher.
I also completely forgot about Tribute Runs! Man dungeons were something else in Vanilla and Burning Crusade. I do remember calling it "DM" though, and when Deadmines swapped to "VC" (for the last boss, VanCleef) to avoid confusion.

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