said Ybarra on Twitter. "It's been a great ride at Xbox and the future is bright. Thanks to everyone at TeamXbox, I'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished and I wish you the best... Most importantly I want to thank all of you fellow gamers, and our great fans, for all the support. Keep gaming and I hope to see you online soon!"

Ybarra announcement is the latest in a line of head honchos who are stepping away from the roles that had, in many ways, become namesakes and lifestyles. Just a fortnight again, Sony's Shawn Layden announced his departure from a company he had been with for 30 years, immediately followed by SIE Japan president Atsushi Morita. Back in April, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime also called time on an illustrious career.

The current video game scene, particularly on a development and corporate level, seems to be one of constant work, 24/7 communication, repeatedly scrapped ideas, constantly-shifting technology, and media scrutiny. Perhaps, with one of the most speculative and experimental generations the industry has ever seen on the horizon, some of these long-timers have decided that it might be a good time to step away, allowing them to concentrate on fresher ideas and their personal lives, leaving the next-generation to those who would follow in their footsteps.

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