Fallout 76[/I] is coming to fruition, as their newest update, patch 13, is now live.
As we previously discussed, public events are actually fun to do now, and there are a number of UI and mechanical enhancements in place (the biggest one is that you can travel to them instantly with no cap currency cost) that should spur players into doing them. Vault 94 rewards (the first raid) have also been buffed, and a new map, Morgantown, has been added to the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode, on top of global matchmaking.
Energy weapons also now utilize armor penetration effects (which should make them more useful), and a small backpack has been added to help alleviate early leveling growing pains (they have 50% of the capacity of a normal backpack, but can be crafted more easily). The Purveyor, which is basically Fallout 76's version of Diablo's gambling NPCs, can also randomly dish out legendary weapons.
Finally, and what is a meta victory for the community, Bethesda removed Atomic Shop Access Points (read: microtransaction store access) to train stations. Fans have been complaining about the ubiquitous nature of Fallout 76's microtransactions since launch: a muddy river that Bethesda themselves waded into without a life vest when they puffed their chest about how micros would be downplayed in 76 pre-launch.
One step forward, one back though, as Bethesda also added a non-cosmetic item to the Atomic Shop: a refrigerator that allows you to stash food and drink items with a 50% slower spoilage rate.
Patch 13 [Bethesda.net]

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