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    Heavy metal buffet (pay attention AetherMetal, you weird-ass)...

    OK, so I am beginning this post on the forum with the understanding that everyone knows the scientific/religious/mathematic truth that Megadeth is the greatest metal band ever, and any suggestions made here are just to kill time while we're not listening to Megadeth.

    Having said that, what kind of metal does everyone listen to (2Rukus, you don't have to respond - just keep jamming to K-LOVE). I'm particularly interested to find any bands carrying on a modern thrash movement. I found one today that I'm really digging so far called WARBRING.

    Check it:

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    Warbringer is awesome, I got a band for u somehow similar to this IMO.


    Revocation: (technical thrash)
    -||Darkness, melancholy and nostalgic ruins remain near a desolated galaxy||-

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    A good old school Italian thrash.


    Thrash with clean vocals, Toxik:
    -||Darkness, melancholy and nostalgic ruins remain near a desolated galaxy||-

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    Skeletonwitch is a little too "Hail Satan" for me, but the chorus of that song was wonderfully done. It had that crisp, late-80s thrash feel going.

    Revocation was pretty wild, but I will give it a thumbs up just because the dude was wearing a Slayer shirt and playing a Jackson. The structure of that song was almost art-metal.

    Not a fan of the Incinerator tune. Some better sound quality may have helped.

    Toxik was cool.

    Now here's a few picks for you.

    Corrosion of Conformity - King of the Rotten.
    Leprous - Contaminate Me.
    Dream Theater - Pull Me Under.
    Queensryche - I Am I.
    Sepulture - Territory.
    Machine Head - Death Church.
    Type O' Negative - Love You to Death.
    Fear Factory - Zero Signal.
    Megadeth - This was my Life.

    I feel that Megadeth song is one of the more underappreciated tunes from the catalog. When roaming YouTube for Megadeth, try to find the originals - Dave Mustaine remastered the whole discography several years ago, and I'm not really a fan. You can tell an original by the deep sound of the snare drum, whereas the remasters have this tight, pop-sounding snare. To me, the originals have more depth.

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