The Vanishing of Ethan Carter[/I] sure keeps popping up. Later this week, it'll get its fourth launch in five years.
Polish studio The Astronauts has ported The Vanishing of Ethan Carter to Nintendo Switch. It's making its comeback on August 15 at the price of $20. As is the case with all versions of the game now, this is the redux edition which features some choice quality of life improvements over the 2014 PC release. The most notable improvement is a system that cuts out meticulous backtracking to see the ending.
That is to say, this is the exact same game that has launched everywhere else. The only Switch-specific feature is enlarged text for handheld mode. Regardless of where it's experienced, it's always a fascinating and macabre game about the whereabouts of lil Ethan Carter (no relation to Chris, probably).