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active? Server data does not support that claim.
I will not disclose how I know EB is full of s**t.

It's time for me to spend more time with my family and not worry about getting a server back up and running.
Maybe EB and/or EA will fix the problems.
I'm sure someone will try and start a new server for you guys/gals.

I think you are not aware that your server is the most active in the Americas, maybe now it does not get so many people but this was for the guy who hacked the server and restarted it, if it were not for your server many of us would have to play in Europe with a ping of 250-300, but in the end it is your decision and it is your money and you respect what you want to do, but it really is very nostalgic that every time there will be less servers of this great game, maybe many of us hope that Your heart becomes affectionate and you give the server a little more life time but they are only simple hopes xD = (