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    ...from New Zealand

    I'm probably old enough to be a grandad to most playing on the server, don't give a damn about KD, will smoke it up to rush and need to get rid of this laggy monitor to have any chance.

    Chris is the name.

    I'll disappear from time to time as I travel a lot to engage in photography. The gaming is a time-waster and a wind down for me.

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    Welcome to the site and thanks for the donation!

    Glad you are enjoying the server.
    The game is definitely a time waster for me as well. I play much better after I have a few beer in me, but there seems to be a point after a certain number of beers my gaming goes to shit.


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    Welcome and thanks for helping us out. Hope to see you on the server, we are also on TS if you want to stop in.

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    Heya LL,
    was awesome sharing the TS and server with you yesterday mate.

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