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hear me out ppl, if its yes its great if no then whatever:

application for admin position (or possible assistant admin)
Player: Gen-Rampage5
Game: Battlefield 3 (also known as fuckfest with nade spam 9000)
Reason this player should be picked: Loyal to server and admins, follows most ( If not all rules), never vote-kicked or banned off server in history of XN, donates money to server bi-weekly, overall good general player.
Reason for application?: I feel like the server needs a(n) admin when benis, ruk, or Chicago, or slinger are not on the game and are busy with other things, real life etc etc.
How often would you be on game?: for about 6-8 hours a day, maybe more maybe less?
Should XN make Gen-Rampage5 admin ( or assistant admin) 7 to 8 out of 10 ppl give it a yes because they are forced too!

thank you for your vote

P.S. even if i dont get admin position you guys still need that $50 a month plus that i donate so shit im here till the last server dies!
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