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    A thermos is upending the Alan Wake community

    One of the biggest releases this month is Alan Wake 2, and it's a title that fans have been waiting for years since the 2010 game garnered itself a cult following. As its launch draws nearer, Remedy has been cranking up the marketing and slowly revealing more of what we can expect from Wake's next horror adventure.

    Remedy has Alan Wake merch on sale, including a pretty blue thermos. Unfortunately, things haven't gone according

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    Moonring is a free Ultima-style RPG you need to try

    Within the first few minutes of playing Moonring, I am dead. I wish I could say my adventurer, the intrepid Eric, met with a glorious end, by the blade or in valiant sacrifice, but he did not. Little Eric died bumping into bugs in a cave in his hometown. And then he respawned and tried again.

    These introductory steps in Moonring really set the tone, as much as a single screenshot could. Fable co-creator and long-time industry veteran

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    Top 20 longest SNES games

    It?s absolutely fascinating to take a step back and see how far gaming has come in my lifetime. I got my start with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES ? a side note, if you ever played The Mask (yes, based on the infamous Jim Carrey film) on SNES, we are now friends ? and I only just recently got my hands on the PlayStation 5. This might not need to be said, but the difference is astronomical.

    Having said that, it's amazing that some games on this retro system boast play times as long as modern titles. And it's not just grinding padding out the time; some of the system's longest games are also beloved classics. While a long game doesn't necessarily make a good game, the titles offered a lot of bang for your buck back in the day. And for an era before Steam backlogs, that really meant something.

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    Toy Story?s Buzz and Woody head to Fall Guys this week

    The beans have new friends in Buzz and Woody, as these two characters arrive in a Fall Guys-Toy Story crossover this week. The official Twitter page announced the news on Monday. Epic Games has provided no specific timing. This comes shortly after the announcement of a price hike of the in-game currency Show-Bucks last week.

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    Paradox Interactive announces Foundry, a voxel factory-building sim

    Paradox Interactive announced today that the company will publish Foundry, a factory-building sandbox simulation game by Channel 3 Entertainment. In Foundry, players are tasked with using their imagination to build an efficient factory in a procedurally-generated sandbox. Prior to the

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