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  1. Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?
  2. Get your motor runnin? for Arcade Archives? New Rally-X
  3. What iconic game leaves you wondering what all the fuss is about?
  4. Review: Sifu
  5. Batman: Arkham Collection Switch potentially leaked by leaky retailer
  6. Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis is an extreme waste of potential
  7. Itch.io?s stance on NFTs: ?They are a scam?
  8. This guy juggling through portals in VR shows how far gaming has come
  9. With You, a cute 15-minute co-op ?date game,? is free on Steam
  10. Sifu tips for busting bosses without losing years off your life
  11. Fan-made King of Fighters video looks at The NESTS Saga?s fashionistas
  12. A new look at The Wolf Among Us 2 is coming this week
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes is approaching the $1 billion revenue milestone
  14. If you haven?t seen Zelda: Breath of the Wild?s outer space, here?s a peek
  15. Yurukill: The Calumniation Games pushed back to early July
  16. The Genshin Impact Eight Locales event is like a greatest hits from launch until now
  17. PlatinumGames CEO wants to focus on creating games different from the past
  18. Shin Megami Tensei V is crossing over into?a poker RPG
  19. PSA: Jump Force will start closing down today
  20. A Pokemon Legends distribution event is coming later this month
  21. Ubisoft ?rewards? employees with a Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFT hat
  22. Rune Factory 5 has a real rushed feeling about it
  23. The Demon Slayer game is coming to Switch
  24. Google reportedly aims to pivot Stadia into wider streaming market
  25. Despite everything, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy remaster was a massive sales success
  26. Mago feels like a long-lost ?hidden gem? platformer from the SNES days
  27. Review: Power to the People
  28. Pokemon Legends sure seems like a mainline game: do you want this to be the new norm?
  29. The next Pokemon Unite character is Aegislash, and it?s about time we got an edge lor
  30. River City Girls Zero will break your heart (and nose) on February 14
  31. This Simpsons Steamed Hams game is localized entirely in a free download
  32. Nintendo Direct set for tomorrow, February 9
  33. Aksys Games will spotlight Blazing Strike in Feb 17 livestream
  34. Tom Holland wants A24 to make a Jak & Daxter movie
  35. PS5 beta will start testing new party chat features and more tomorrow
  36. Lost Ark has a free item bundle up for grabs on Prime Gaming
  37. Mobile Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent hits the west this year
  38. WWE Crush Hour is one really bad gimmick
  39. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen video doc has glaives, Ghosts, and a detective board
  40. Over 50,000 players signed a Battlefield 2042 refund petition
  41. Evil Dead: The Game pre-orders are now live, but Shop Smart
  42. Kamiya says you should really play Bayonetta 1+2 before Bayonetta 3
  43. King of Fighters XV anime sets the stage for a mighty battle
  44. Here?s a very short video of Horizon Forbidden West running on a PS4
  45. A Pokemon Legends patch is out, and fixes some glitches
  46. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp is out April 8 for Nintendo Switch
  47. Let?s watch today?s Nintendo Direct together and hope for the best
  48. Ubisoft reportedly planning stealth-focused Assassin?s Creed before Infinity
  49. Dark Souls PC online services won?t resume until after Elden Ring is out
  50. Bandai Namco makin? money, launchin? metaverse, changin? colors
  51. Running is faster than rolling in Pokemon Legends, here?s the scientific proof
  52. The Wolf Among Us 2 is set for 2023, and there?s a new trailer
  53. The Fallout 76 Fasnacht Day event starts this week
  54. Ghost of Tsushima adds Horizon Forbidden West-inspired DLC armor
  55. NES and SNES Switch Online maintenance is mysteriously scheduled for after the Direct
  56. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will bridge the gap between XC and XC2
  57. Recap: Everything shown during today?s mouthful of a Nintendo Direct
  58. Metroid Dread goes extreme with Dread and Rookie modes, plus a Boss Rush
  59. Live A Live is finally coming to North America on Switch in July
  60. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will launch on February 23
  61. Triangle Strategy gets a new demo today, and you can carry over progress
  62. Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series is just in time for the 25th anniversary
  63. Portal: Companion Collection brings the series to Nintendo Switch
  64. Wii Sports gets its revival in Nintendo Switch Sports this April
  65. Still no news on the Breath of the Wild sequel from today?s Nintendo Direct
  66. Mario Kart 8 getting new paid DLC of remastered classic courses
  67. At last, Nintendo is bringing EarthBound back on Nintendo Switch
  68. Front Mission 1 and 2 are getting remakes for the Switch
  69. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition announced for Switch, PS4, Xbox, and PC
  70. Mario Strikers: Battle League is next in the soccer-themed series
  71. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes heads back to Three Houses this June
  72. Splatoon 3?s post-apocalyptic style creates a wild-looking world
  73. Sailing survival adventure Windbound goes free on the Epic Games Store
  74. A wholesome group of horse girls has taken over Red Dead Online
  75. Which classic Mario Kart track do you want to see return in the Booster Course Pass?
  76. Scarlet Nexus gets top-tier difficulty option and new photo mode
  77. Nintendo Download: Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece
  78. Master Splinter gets the spotlight in new TMNT: Shredder?s Revenge trailer
  79. Here?s a big look at Genshin Impact?s Yae Miko, who is playable soon
  80. Resident Evil 3 remake hits five million sales
  81. Thanks to an error, everyone in Genshin Impact is getting free Intertwined Fates
  82. Wade into the weirdness of the Perlin Festival demo
  83. Rumored Resident Evil 4 Remake will reportedly go for a scarier tone
  84. BioShock-inspired shooter Atomic Heart gets a new trailer, release window
  85. Review: Infernax
  86. Activision confirms the next Call of Duty will be a sequel to 2019?s Modern Warfare
  87. 80 Days developer Inkle Studios announces new adventure, A Highland Song
  88. Watch your email: free Uncharted movie tickets are going out for PS5 Legacy of Thieve
  89. Monster Hunter: Rise and God of War leap up the January NPD charts with PC ports
  90. Horizon Forbidden West has myriad accessibility and quality of life features
  91. Sony relocating UK HQ to 65,000 sq ft campus in Liverpool
  92. Do this Yae Miko Genshin Impact web event for free stuff
  93. Kingdom Hearts cloud Switch is having launch issues and got a patch
  94. Review: The King of Fighters XV
  95. That big Metroid Dread difficulty update is live, here are the patch notes
  96. Review: PowerSlave Exhumed
  97. Ranked Play is finally coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard
  98. The EarthBound player?s guide is available online, for those hopping in this weekend
  99. I am entranced by the world of custom mechanical keyboards
  100. Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?
  101. Has a video game ever truly grossed you out?
  102. Road 96 is bringing chaotic road trips to PS4, PS5, and Xbox in April
  103. Army Men Sarge?s Heroes on Dreamcast might be the best game in the series
  104. Tentacular is a VR game from Devolver Digital about a gentle giant
  105. Fortnite is heading into Uncharted territory
  106. Review: Horizon Forbidden West
  107. Review: Sol Cresta
  108. This fan-crafted Mother 3 remake concept is one for the ages
  109. Dear Esther is free on Steam to celebrate its 10th anniversary
  110. What your favorite Vampire Survivors weapon says about you
  111. Here are 7 sexy video game voices that make me swoon
  112. Wicked ?90s shmup Thunder Dragon 2 joins the Arcade Archives
  113. Abermore is a stealth RPG about planning out the perfect heist
  114. CrossfireX producer apologizes for launch state, numerous fixes en route
  115. Take a Minit to Disc-uss these dreamy new [lock-on] [versus] cards
  116. Wanted: Dead offers up a Valentine?s Day massacre
  117. If there is a RE4 remake, would you want to change anything?
  118. CD Projekt Red is hosting a Cyberpunk 2077 stream tomorrow
  119. These official chocolate Joy-Con should definitely be real
  120. Focus Home Entertainment acquires Metal Slug Tactics studio Leikir
  121. It looks like Kirby and the Forgotten Land amiibo functionality will be kept light
  122. Capcom countdown clock points to February 21 reveal
  123. Nintendo says that evergreen titles may be losing luster as the Switch ages
  124. Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck coming for you in LEGO form
  125. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to feature The Sawyers in 3v4 gameplay
  126. Nintendo warns of more semiconductor-related Switch shortages for 2022
  127. Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen update launches today for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
  128. Dune: Spice Wars gameplay looks suitably snug to its genre roots
  129. BioShock film adaptation is in the works at Netflix
  130. You can preload the new Genshin Impact update now
  131. Nintendo has no metaverse plans yet, but it is ?of interest?
  132. This squint-worthy Elden Ring hoodie is full of lore
  133. Support an aspiring female game dev with these 25th anniversary Tomb Raider box art p
  134. Xbox Game Pass ends February on a lighter note (unless you?re big into Madden or Warh
  135. Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a third film and Knuckles live-action series
  136. Tactics RPG Dark Deity is coming to Switch this March
  137. Sifu has already seen 500,000 vengeful players throw down
  138. Review: Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim
  139. Baldur?s Gate 3 adds Barbarian and overhauls its interface with Patch 7
  140. Breakers Collection closed beta set for this weekend
  141. Disgaea 6 Complete to rise again on PC and PlayStation
  142. Get situated for the Nintendo Switch Sports play test before it?s too late
  143. Reminder: Genshin Impact has a daily check-in for free stuff
  144. Ghastly horror Martha is Dead will be ?modified? on PlayStation
  145. Relive the Blockbuster experience with Super Metroid SP?s maxed-out endgame save file
  146. Rebel Wolves is a new studio from former Witcher and Cyberpunk devs
  147. That teased Resident Evil announcement was a website update
  148. Dead by Daylight welcomes Ring?s terrifying Sadako next month
  149. After the 3DS eShop is dead, Pokemon Bank will be free
  150. Elden Ring will, unsurprisingly, require a meaty PC setup
  151. Review in Progress: Monark
  152. Nintendo to end eShop purchases on Wii U and 3DS next March
  153. Roblox has more daily users than a small country
  154. With so many developers embracing queer characters, is there still a place for gay co
  155. No Man?s Sky overhauls its combat with the Sentinel Update
  156. Soul Hackers countdown website to reveal all on February 21
  157. The Last of Us HBO series won?t air in 2022
  158. This Zelda: Breath of the Wild Lynel kill is both cartoonish and practical
  159. Cris Tales will be free on the Epic Games Store next week
  160. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will feature a new story, I hope it?s good
  161. Horizon Forbidden West ?Play and Plant? scheme will see Sony aid reforestation effort
  162. Here?s a great big Horizon Zero Dawn story video recap for Forbidden West
  163. PlatinumGames label NFT trend ?frustrating? with ?no positive impact?
  164. Dead Island 2 could launch next year
  165. Square Enix assures that Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will have proper train suple
  166. Get ready for the video game movie takeover
  167. Nacon to acquire LotR: Gollum developer Daedalic Entertainment
  168. My Nintendo has a neat Switch game card holder reward up for grabs
  169. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis just doubled the level cap
  170. Nintendo Download: Assassin?s Creed: The Ezio Collection
  171. Pokemon Legends: Arceus players are crossing water with Bibarel bridges
  172. This hilarious Kingdom Hearts PS2 versus Switch cloud comparison video highlights the
  173. Final Vendetta is the next competitor in the brawler renaissance
  174. Amazon?s Fallout series casts Walton Goggins in a lead role
  175. Horizon Forbidden West has gyro aiming to help line up the perfect shot
  176. Best Lycanthrope She-Wolf is now playable in Mayhem Brawler
  177. The Final Fantasy XIV producer stream that discusses ?the next 10 years? airs tonight
  178. How Fish Is Made is a freaky horror-adventure game that?s free on Steam
  179. Ubisoft financial report reminds us that Skull and Bones still exists
  180. The Cuphead Show certainly isn?t a wallop
  181. The newest Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan expansion update includes a Moon Slayer Lyne
  182. Bethesda teases ?exciting plans? for Fallout 76 later in 2022
  183. Sony commissioned a statue of Horizon Forbidden West hero Aloy
  184. Blazing Strike throwing down on PlayStation, PC and Switch this fall
  185. Retro Studios changed their Twitter header image to Metroid
  186. Anime streaming service Crunchyroll now on Nintendo Switch
  187. Amazon has first dibs on adaptation of Disco Elysium
  188. Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?
  189. What favorite games of yours follow the ?retro? design trend?
  190. Beware the robo-spiders in Namco classic Dangerous Seed
  191. Android 21 (lab coat) DLC hits Dragon Ball FighterZ this week
  192. Relayer demo coming to PlayStation Store this week
  193. Soul Hackers 2 brings a war against the Devil Summoners this summer
  194. The Destructoid Show is back!
  195. Street Fighter 6 and Capcom Fighting Collection announced
  196. Dog?s Life gives you the opportunity to participate in a literal pissing match
  197. Today is a day, and that means it?s time for a new NIS teaser website
  198. Doujin fighter sequel EN-EINS PERFEKTWELT Anastasis coming in 2022
  199. Fall Guys adds cross-platform parties for PC and PlayStation
  200. Wonder Boy Collection for PS4 and Switch is on the way
  201. Neon White speaks to my inner speedrunning sicko with its demo
  202. Minecraft Juri is one step closer to Juri metaverse supremacy
  203. PS VR2 shows off its rounded headset design and vent in first look
  204. Review: GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon
  205. Here are the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl 1.2.0 patch notes
  206. The Bethesda launcher is dead, everything will move to Steam
  207. Supermassive Games files mysterious trademark ?The Quarry?
  208. The Min Min amiibo is out in April, Steve & Alex are delayed
  209. Have you checked out the wilds of Horizon Forbidden West?
  210. Review: Monark
  211. Street Fighter 6?s new logo might be a modified stock image
  212. Steam Next Fest is live, so here are some demos you should check out
  213. Incoming update hopes to fine-tune Horizon Forbidden West visuals
  214. Review: Elden Ring
  215. The Final Fantasy XIV free trial is back now that congestion is better
  216. Activision to reportedly skip Call of Duty 2023 release
  217. Shadow Warrior 3 hits PlayStation Now on launch day
  218. The smooth grooves of Persona 5 now spinnin? on Spotify
  219. Apex Legends Mobile is rolling out in 10 countries next week
  220. PlayStation Plus has four games for March, including Ghostrunner
  221. The Final Fantasy XIV team is aiming to make the game even more playable solo
  222. Cafe Owner Simulator needs a lot more renovation
  223. This channel dedicated to Mega Man piano music is sick
  224. A Plague Tale: Requiem Collector?s Edition ain?t too ratty
  225. Contest: Win Resident Evil 4 VR for Oculus Quest 2
  226. Happy 4th anniversary, Onmyoji: Here?s what players should expect from its latest upd
  227. After thirty years, EA and FIFA might be parting ways
  228. Nier: Automata is getting an anime adaptation
  229. BioWare confirms next Dragon Age is ?right in the middle? of production
  230. Tencent acquires Canadian studio Inflexion Games
  231. Nintendo Download: FAR: Changing Tides
  232. Nintendo purchases historic development partner studio SRD
  233. Here?s how Elden Ring spirit ashes (NPC summons) work
  234. Xbox Games with Gold is giving out SpongeBob and Sacred 2 in March
  235. My God, Elden Ring has map markers and I never noticed them until my second run
  236. A new Pokemon Presents is on the way for Pokemon Day 2022
  237. How to change your look mid-run in Elden Ring
  238. Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent hits mobiles this summer
  239. Here?s the best way to fill in the map in Elden Ring
  240. Dodgeball brawler Knockout City is going free-to-play and self-published
  241. Here?s a spoiler-free Elden Ring starter guide
  242. The cutely, grossly, sadly Void Terrarium is getting a sequel
  243. This SpongeBob Doom mod takes you on a romp through Bikini Bottom
  244. Amazon Prime Gaming has seven free games to claim in March
  245. I have mixed feelings on the Uncharted movie
  246. The Claw Returns: Tempest 4000 hits Switch next month
  247. Elden Ring launch patch to address stability issues on console
  248. How to get into the Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums (turtle towers)
  249. Sony is catching up with Xbox: Adding PS App screenshot/video access
  250. All-women?s speedrun event Frost Fatales kicks off this weekend